March 29, 2010: (W)RITES OF SPRING

League of Canadian Poets Fundraiser (W)rites of Spring


Anne Campbell

Anne Campbell is an award winning Canadian writer of five collections of poetry, as well as stories and non fiction. She is currently working on a biographical memoir of the Canadian visual artist, Arthur F. McKay, one of the famed Regina Five. Her recent work includes the poetry collection, Soul to Touch, Hagios Press, 2009, as well as (in 2006, re-issued 2008) Regina’s Secret Spaces, a collection of essays on hidden aspects of Regina as revealed by artists, which she edited with visual artists, Lorne Beug and Jeannie Mah for the Canadian Plains Research Centre, University of Regina. Her new poetry collection, Soul to Touch (Hagios, 2009) explores reconciliation – in body and language, both personal and social, spiritual and environmental.

Gillian Harding Russell

gillian harding-russell was born in Toronto,Ontario, raised in St.Jean, Que, attended McGill where she received her Hon BA 1st class in English Literature,MA on nineteenth century novel and PH.D from the University of Saskatchewan. Her doctorate dissertation, on postmodern Canadian poetry entitled Open Forms of Mythopoeia in post-modern Canadian poetry focusing on the poetry of Gwendolyn MacEwan and Michael Ondaatje.

gillian harding-russell has taught at the Universities of Saskatchewan and Regina and through University Extension and the Sociology department. Between 1988 and 2005, she was poetry editor for Event {/I] and now works for the Event Reading Service and Manuscript Evaluation and reviews books for Prairie Fire .
1. “Continuum,” Cranberry Tree Press, 2004.IBSN: 1-894668-17-0
2. “Delicious,” Cranberry Tree Press, 2007. IBSN-13:978-1-894668-29-3.
3. “Letting Go: Poems about surviving a loss,” Black Moss, 2005. IBSN 0-88753-393-0
4. “Reportage,Cranberry Press,” 2006..ISBN I-894668-26-x
5.” Ellipsis…” Cranberry Press, 2008. ISBN 978-1-894668-37-8
books and chapbooks
1. At the End of the Garden (a chapbook)Regina, Green Publications, 1990.
IBSN: 0-9691555-7-3 ( chapbook)
2. Candles in My Head, poetry book (Ekstasis, 2001). ISBN 1-896860-83-4.
3.Vertigo (River Books, 2004). ISBN 1-895836-79-4
4. I forgot to tell you (Thistledown, 2007). ISBN 978-1-897235-34-8
5. Apples and Mice (Alfred Gustav ), 2008. ISBN 978-0-9811327-0-9 (chapbook)
Her articles have appeared in anthologies as well as many journals across Canada, including The Capilano Review, CV2, Canadian Literature, Carousel, Event, The Dalhousie Review, Descant, Fiddlehead, Grain, Matrix, Open Voices, Queen’s Quarterlyetc.

Judith Krause

Judith Krause studied languages and literature at the University of Regina and the Université de Caen, France, as well as studying and teaching in Switzerland. She recently completed the MFA Program for Writers through Warren Wilson College in Asheville, North Carolina. A past president of the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild, Krause has worked as a Literary Arts Consultant to the Saskatchewan Arts Board, coordinated the Creative Writing program at the Saskatchewan School of the Arts, and has taught creative writing classes through the University of Regina, at the Saskatchewan School of Arts at Fort San, and at the Sage Hill Writing Experience.

Awards – Robert Kroetsch Scholarship, 1979.
Saskatchewan Writers Guild Literary Award, Poetry, 1982; honourable mention, 1987.
City of Regina Writing Award, 1988, 1998.
Grain Prose Poem Competition, Honourable Mention, 1989.
Saskatchewan Book of the Year, finalist, 1994.
Grain Prose Poem Competition, third prize, 1998.

Selected Publications – What We Bring Home. (Coteau Books, 1986).
Half the Sky. (Coteau Books, 1994).
Silk Routes of the Body. (Coteau Books, 2001) ISBN 1-55050-180-1.

Bruce Rice

Bruce Rice has published four books of poetry. His latest collection, Life in the Canopy (Hagios), has been shortlisted for the 2009 Saskatchewan Book of the Year. The book combines text and stunning images by Regina photographer, Cherie Westmoreland. The manuscript placed second in the John V. Hicks Memorial Award and an excerpt was shortlisted for the 2008 CBC Literary Awards.

Bruce’s first collection, Daniel received the 1989 Canadian Authors Association Award. The Illustrated Statue of Liberty (Coteau), received the City of Regina Award at the Saskatchewan Book Awards in 2003. He also received Grain Magazine’s 2002 Anne Szumigalski Award for the best poem or sequence published in Grain that year. Excerpts were also performed in Regina at Globe Theatre’s On the Line series.

Andrew Stubbs

Andrew Stubbs teaches rhetoric and composition and creative writing at the University of Regina. His first poetry collection, White Light Primitive, published by Hagios Press, deals with war, generational memory, and the anomalies and responsibilities of survival. His second book, Endgames, will be published by Thistledown Press in Spring 2010. Stubbs was co-editor of The Collected Poetry of Eli Mandel, and published a full-length study of Mandel’s work, Myth, Origins, Magic (Turnstone, 1993). An essay collection, Rhetoric, Uncertainty, and the University as Text, studied the social politics of the classroom (CPRC, 2007). He has written on Canadian literature, psychoanalysis, and composition theory.

Awards – Shortlisted for 2009 Sask. Book Awards (Poetry): White Light Primitive.
Shortlisted for 2000 Sask. Book Awards: The Collected Poetry of Eli Mandel
First Prize: filling Station Poetry Contest (2002)

One of 5 winners: Dialogue Poetry Contest, SWG and Rosemont Art Gallery, 2001)
Publications – White Light Primitive. (Hagios Press, 2009)
Rhetoric, Uncertainty, and the University as Text. (CPRC, 2007)
The Collected Poetry of Eli Mandel (CPRC, 2000)ISBN: 0-88977-138-3
Myth, Origins, Magic (Turnstone,1993) ISBN: 0-88801-170-9
Sharon Thesen (monograph) (ECW, 1995) ISBN: 0-920802-43-5

Books – Dennis Cooley (monograph) (ECW,1996) ISBN: 0-920802-43-5
Stubbs, Andrew
White Light Primitive. Poetry. (Hagios Press, 2009) ISBN: 978-0-9783440-8-5. $17.95.
Rhetoric, Uncertainty, and the University as Text. Essays. (CPRC, 2007) ISBN: 978 0 88977 203 8. $17.95

Kathleen Wall

Kathleen Wall is a professor in the English Department at the University of Regina. She was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and took her B.A. and M.A. in English at the University of Michigan. She immigrated to Canada in 1973 and began work on her Ph.D. at the University of Manitoba in 1976. Her thesis, The Callisto Myth from Ovid to Atwood, was published by McGill Queen’s University Press in 1988. After working as a sessional in an off-campus program for inner city teachers and social workers at the University of Manitoba, she joined the University of Regina in 1990. She edited Wascana Review, the English Department’s literary journal, from 1993-2002, and became editor again in 2008. In 2001, she won the University of Regina’s Alumni Award for Undergraduate Teaching. Recent publications include Time’s Body, a book of poetry that was a poetry finalist for the Saskatchewan Book Awards, and Ethics, Knowledge, and the Need for Beauty: Zadie Smith’s On Beauty and Ian McEwan’s Saturday, which was published in the University of Toronto Quarterly in 2008. Her novel, Blue Duets, will be published by Brindle & Glass in the spring of 2010. She is working on a study of the way Virginia Woolf uses literary form to articulate her work’s relationship to the public sphere.