The Vertigo Series is a series for writers and musicians of all genres, and all levels of accomplishment, to share their work with an audience and sell their wares.  Artists receive an honorarium for sharing their work and keep 100% of their sales.

Some events take place once a month at Crave Kitchen + Wine Bar, 1925 Victoria Ave, in Regina. There are generally three to four readers and one musical act per event.  The series is produced and hosted by Annabel Townsend and Carla Harris.

The Vertigo Series is supported and sponsored by funding organizations including:
SK Arts
Sask Lotteries
Canada Council for the Arts
League of Canadian Poets

Crave Kitchen & Wine Bar generously provides the space to host Vertigo events through in-kind sponsorship.

The Vertigo Series is very grateful for this invaluable support from the community.

If you are interested in being a part of the series, either as reader, musician or audience member, send us an e-mail or join our group on Facebook!
Facebook: The Vertigo Series Group
Twitter: VertigoSeries


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