Guidelines for Performers

Book Sales

  • We encourage you to bring books to sell at the book table during the event.
  • If you are an emerging writer and have not yet had a book published, you could consider creating a self-published item to sell such as a chapbook or broadsheet.
  • We do not take a commission from your book sales.

Arrive Early – Between 7:00 and 7:15

  • We want to have time to get set up for book sales, get drinks etc.

Reading Time

Generally 15 minutes

  • Reading times will be discussed with readers individually and can vary depending on the event. Please keep your reading within the time limit suggested.

Invite People

  • The audience comes out for the performers after all, so please invite some people from your circles.
  • There will be a Facebook invitation for each event; please feel free to use this to invite people you know too.
  • There is no door charge.